Our Expertise

Helping companies to extract value from data 

Power BI

Data Modelling 
Gain experience modelling data with flexibility for ad hoc analysis. 
Trend Analysis Keep track of modifications to the data pattern and behavioural analysis Third Party Integration 
Utilize the vast collection of interactive images with cutting-edge features. 
Publish and Collaborate Share the knowledge with others and use self-service analytics to strengthen the organization. Live Data Dashboard 
Update the Ad-hoc Analysis dashboard in real-time and live mode. 
Natural Language Search Using a natural language query, let us provide you with automated insights and intuitive data discovery. 
Integration with Other Services Deliver insights using various services, like Teams, Power Apps, and SharePoint 


Tableau Dashboarding Create visually appealing dashboards and data visualisations that highlight more data patterns than any other tool. Tableau Administration Install, customise, keep up with, and upgrade: You request it, and we deliver it Tableau Customizations Using Tableau SDK components, create your own extensions, plugins, and connections. Reporting Transformations Find hidden data insights by converting reports from traditional reporting technologies into Tableau. Advanced Visualizations Discover how our Tableau experts can use a range of visuals to beautifully present even the most difficult analyses. Master Data Management Create a governance solution using corporate best practises and regulatory needs.


QlikView Create useful insights from raw data through analysis and building, enabling employees within your business to take more informed decisions and produce better results. QlikSense Knowing every relationship in your data will allow the user to do any kind of exploration. Create Analytics Faster Any size of data may be combined, loaded, visualised, and explored with ease. Service Discovery & Visualization Smart visualisations highlight outliers and illustrate the structure of your data.


Azure Cloud Migration Services

  • We offer professional and reasonably priced services for all migration technologies, as well as assistance with crucial migration scenarios including servers, databases, applications, and virtual desktops. We offer a tailored dashboard to monitor the development. Our three simple stages for streamlining the migration process are Discover, Assess, and Migrate.

Azure SysOps

  • We assist companies in offering end-to-end Azure services, such as managing already-existing apps or transferring new ones, managing infrastructure, including upscaling and rescaling, giving access to services for individual users or user groups, and managing network and storage security.

Azure DevOps

  • By establishing boards, establishing pipelines, developing artefacts, managing repositories, developing test plans, and providing end-to-end management, we assist firms in enabling the capacity to integrate product development. Our staff has an impact on the whole development process, from planning to operations.

Azure Data Engineering

  • Our highly skilled and trained team designs, implements, monitors, and optimises your data needs through exploration and by building highly secured and optimised data pipelines. Our team has expertise in various domains and the capability of handling bulks of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. with the use of services like Azure HDInsight, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure Data Lake Storage. We take steps to reduce data risk and consistently check data accessibility.

Azure Cloud Security

  • To ensure that every organisation has a highly protected environment, our security staff works around the clock. Our staff secures your network, safeguards your data, averts threats, and controls keys, certificates, and secret keys using the cutting-edge and future security offered by Microsoft.

Azure Cloud Native Apps

  • Utilize our SMEs' health assessments and suggestions for a uniform and ideal workplace.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS) 

Online analytical processing (OLAP) of data from many data sources is offered by SSAS. SSRS and Excel are only two of the many tools that SSAS users may utilise to evaluate data. The data mining tools included in SSAS also make it possible to find data patterns that might not be immediately obvious. We can assist you with the preparation and populating of the SSAS system's data as well as the design and development of the SSAS cubes that make sense of and arrange that data.

 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 

We provide SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) consulting services to assist you in enabling your customers to take wise decisions based on reliable data presented in user-friendly ways. We assist clients in evaluating and developing a business intelligence (BI) strategy, creating adaptable dashboards, meaningful visual representations of processes and performance, and informative management and operational reports. Rapid implementation, a quick return on investment, decreased risk, and knowledge transfer to your personnel are the main goals of every engagement we do. We can assist you whether you're seeking for a comprehensive solution, professional direction for your team as they deploy a system, or an evaluation of an existing system. 

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 

Our Solutions can assist you in setting up an effective information management framework using SSIS that will enable the delivery of integrated, accurate, and timely data throughout your firm. In the fields of business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration, and master data management, our data management solutions assist in making sure you deliver reliable data. In order to boost profitability, customer happiness, and operational efficiency, we strive to deliver decision-makers with accurate, pertinent, and actionable information. With the help of SQL Server Integration Services, we can collaborate with you to guarantee that the data is appropriately obtained, that it is of high quality, and that the right data architecture is provided for efficient reporting and analysis. The following categories are covered by our consulting services: Data integration from several, diverse data sources . Profiling and data cleaning to enhance the quality of the data Management of master data Data lineage and history are ensured through metadata management Information life cycle management to improve governance and compliance